Let's Butcher This Thing

by The Future is That Way

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This album was self produced and recorded. We did the best we could on a very limited budget. We used our own money for the little bit of recording gear we used. Tracks are free to download, please don't feel obligated to pay anything but if you think it's worth a big mac or two then we greatly appreciate your contribution. Thank you for listening and if you like any of it then help us by sharing with others. We are not "connected" in the biz so this will only be heard by the few that happen to find it and by those you share it with. Thank You!


released February 24, 2014

Freddy Paterno: Guitars
Daniel Skelton: Drums
Chase Cain: Vocals, Bass Guitar
All songs written, recorded, mixed and mastered by The Future is That Way
Artwork by Freddy Paterno



all rights reserved


The Future is That Way Houston, Texas

We are just 3 friends trying to create something worthwhile

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Track Name: Brinicle
We see what you can't slowly advance
with no thought of what it causes

Cold pillar descending
upon masses oblivious to it

Purpose, there's none Progress undone
Frozen graveyard won't spread too far

Cold pillar descending
upon masses oblivious to it

What will you become when there's nowhere to run?
Track Name: Elephant Chair
Farther away than you could ever know
Where I arrived at was a place you'll never go

Searching for those two words
Searching for some new world

What I expected wasn't what I found
Briefly ejected from the world and then let back down

Searching for those two words
Searching for some new world

Open up what's inside
Let it lay on your mind

It's crossed my mind and maybe I should be scared
but I can feel how many of me are there

It's not what I thought it would be
Track Name: Hold On
I can't pretend that everything
is right as the rain that falls on me
Is this the way that everyone
deals with the pain that's sure to come

Some of the days it's more than I can take
Tryin hard not to walk away

Hold on, make it though another day

It's crossed my mind more than you know
but those that I love help me say no
and pull me back in to a place I can
try to begin to heal again

Hold on, make it through another day
Hold on, fake it through another day

Some of the days it's more than I can take
I try so hard not to walk away
Track Name: Rise Up
Been shot down and terrified
I'm bleeding out and left to die
My heart is beating from my chest
I'm breathing in my last breath
My life is rushing through my head
I'm flat lined and brain dead

You try to save us, we're gone too far
Your time is wasted, it's what we are

We're gonna rise up

Of us so many, of you so few
hard to imagine we once we're you
Degenerated, body and mind
To the hunger, we follow blind
Your eyes roll back and my teeth sink in
You think it's over but it's not the end

You try to save us
You cannot save us
Track Name: Lords of the Infernal Machine
They won't be satisfied till they control it all
but if they ever do the rest of us will fall
Egos and power trips kings of their own design
collaborating to kill the collective mind

Hey we've got to awake and come to
the truth before it's too late for us to

One day you will fall
You can't take us all

It's time to tear the veil that's been placed upon our eyes
Now we can separate what's true from all the lies
No longer wandering we're free to find the way
No longer be the ones they can manipulate

Face the infernal machine
Embrace the beautiful waking dream

Suffering and degradation all this somehow has to end
No more silence no more fear I promise this won't be the end
Track Name: The Hag of My Dreams
Out in the trees the hag and me
there's no way I'll make it alive
I'm forced into a part of her play
with no hope that I will survive
Suicide is on my mind
the only way I can take control
Then you arrive reading your lines
try to pull me out of this hole

Let's go wake up, it's all in my head
Alive once, better off dead

Why do I feel so paralyzed
and helpless to stop this decline
then once again I'm taken in
a salve offered by the kind
You stepped in the way you've taken your place
so selfless a friend do I love
We make our escape then one last embrace
The memories won't be enough

I let it go for awhile but now it's haunting me
Track Name: Enemy
Once upon a time there lived a lie
The lie was young but strong in appetite
And with a smile and his beguiling eyes
He knows the way in to where the pain begins
Where he wants to take you

Lie has grown in size and spread so far
He knows your name and who you are
From what's on the surface you'll want to worship this
It's understandable until you finally see
Where I want to take you

I am the enemy, I'll drag you down as far as I can

I'll drag you down all the way under
Tonight I'll be out where I want to take you
Track Name: Moon
Words always take the place
Of action, no real change

There's no real change
It all stays the same
Never change

I'll never see what lies
Hiding on the dark side
Of your moon

Upside Down
Lights Out Now